Would you like to know that your suppliers are complying with Social/Technical/Environmental/Security requirments!

Open Lift Gates!
Emergency Exits & Staircase Blocked!
Expired Fire Extinguishers!
Unhygienic Drinking Water!
Chemicals Stored Without Safety!
Here You GO!
Nini Corporation is here for your help!
Factory, Social, Security, Technical & Environmental Audits!
  • We have vendor audit systems, which verifies suppliers compliance establishment as per local, international and specific requirements.
  • We have conducted thousands plus audits onward for customers all over the world.
  • Our vendor audit systems will help your suppliers to enhance, smooth and proper planning for your production and shipping on time with safety as per Global security requirements (C-TPAT).
Social Compliance Audit / Factory Evaluation:
Social audits are based on local and international requirements:
  • Health & Safety
  • Compensation
  • Prohibition of Child labor, Harassment, Abuse, Forced labor & Discrimination.
There is a wide range of requirements; few mandatory points are as follows for your kind reference:
  • Supplier evaluation and review subordinate suppliers, records and ensures exact location of your productions.
  • Factory tour and ensure over all the health and safety, emergency evacuation are adequate as per local and International requirements.
  • Conduct workers' interviews.
  • Review workers benefits and their rights records as per local and international law etc.
  • All related records in ethical and social requirements to be checked.
Security Compliance Audit / Factory Evaluation:
Security audits are based on C-TPAT/Global Security requirements.

There is a wide range of requirements: few mandatory points are as follows for your kind reference:
  • Personnel Security
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Risk Assessment
  • Conveyance Security Inspection
  • Physical Security
  • Procedural Security
  • Information Technology
  • Business Partners
  • Physical Access Controls
"We conduct audits as per customerís provided checklist. In case you donít have any such checklist to get your supplierís factory audited, we will use our own checklist which comprehensively covers all the audit requirements"

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